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Originally Posted by errand View Post
I guess I'm different. I have never cried over a Broncos loss, no matter how crushing it felt...because I personally had no effect on the outcome. no matter how much I thought 'don't allow anyone to get behind you" I had no control over Moore allowing Raven's WR to do so (He BTW blames himself for this loss

I never get that emotional about the team despite my passion for it...I understand that we cannot win every game, that we cannot win the SB every year, that sometimes we're going to have great players and other time bad players, that it is a business and despite my personal feelings of a player or coach, they might get fired, released, or traded.

When I saw that Tucker's kick was going to be good, I just shook my head and told my buddies at the sports bar "see ya, next season guys..."

This loss is not the end of the world, and this team may have disappointed some of these clowns in here, but they'll be back more motivated next season, because like every KC Chiefs fan knows, there's always next year.

It's part of growing up I think. I was 18 then, now I'm a bald married guy. I was the same yesterday. I was upset, but I slept fine last night.

I was more upset atmy apathy, but now I think it's just being a man and not being a giant crybaby like so many here.
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