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Knowshon Moreno

Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
You are such an idiot. Your post smells of a massive ego that has flaws in it. What is the big picture, this season only or the three years we will probably have Manning? If it is 3 seasons, this is the first step and while it stopped way too early (at least an AFC berth), the end of last season would never have us at 13-3 and with the first seed. No way in how even you and your statement with Tebow balls hanging from your mouth could have seen this! So stop being a lying b**** and calling this a $90 million mistake if everyone (99%) agrees he should be the QB for at least next season. Manning has brought credibility to this franchise again and it will continue when he fulfills his contract and gives us playoff victories. We didn't take a step back for this franchise, we took a step forward to greatness. That just isn't for Manning but the whole team. We will be better and stronger next season. You can either watch us make this move or pop in the Steelers playoff victory and replay it for the next few seasons. Your choice.

It's plan A...I'm on board. I don't hold on to the past.

I merely use it as an example to show how right I always am.

Like 90 million to not win a playoff game when we did last year has me right.

If manning wins the whole thing, then I will be wrong and admit it.

I always do. I mean I have.

Actually it hasn't happened yet.

Except when I wasn't psychic enough to know Moreno would get hurt.

I'm still human, just not psychic.
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