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Jack Del erious

Originally Posted by XXXII&III View Post
No one died. No one was seriously injured. I don't have to attend any funerals or grieve the loss of someone I love. That's heartbreak.

The sun rose this morning and the Broncos will play again next season.
All good points, I get it, Real Life >> Nfl Football

that being said, the broncos died, the franchise was seriously injured for all time, and if you love the broncos then you do grieve.

August is 7 months away, until then the ghosts of yesterday will haunt the thoughts of any bronco football fan. Real life is and always should be more important, but if you are compartmentalizing Bronco football then this is no minor loss.

Lets all go get on the real life boards, talk about our taxes, our deficit, gun control, spend time with our kids, hug our loved ones. And when that is all over and you need a distraction come here to the orangemane
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