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Knowshon Moreno

Originally Posted by errand View Post
Not anymore......but his brother is happily rejoicing at our playoff loss all over twitter I've been told.

This 2012 team is a good team....that had a bad game at the wrong time evidently. But you can't tell that to these whack jobs on here who all of a sudden want to cut and fire almost every player and coach. It is just crazy....

I imagine if this were '96....and the orangemane was around, you'd have people in here saying Elway needs to retire, that Mike and Kubiak needed to be fired, etc. etc. because we lost one playoff game.

Lol. So true. I would have loved to be on the Mane after Jacksonville. Omg that would be hilarious.

I was there, I sat in the seats for 15 minutes crying when most had shuffled out.

Yesterday doesn't come close to that devastation. We will be back and very strong next year.
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