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Quentin Jammer

I'd rather get embarrassed and humiliated by Brady like last year than this.

Last year I was OK and accepted where we were at halftime. When you get your ass kicked, the flaws of the team stick out like a sore thumb and are easy to identify for the offseason. A game like last night, there is no explanation, no perspective that will make me feel better, or be optimistic about next year.

When the game is close, when its all on the line, this team will choke. If we go 15-1 next year and New England gets knocked out in the wild card round, I will not be confident at all. Will never have confidence in this team to win it all again, as long as Fox is our coach. He needs to prove us all wrong about him not in the regular season, but in the playoffs.

I just have to wonder what Elway is thinking right now. I know he absolutely hates this kind of shriveled penis when the game is tight syndrome.

I still remember the 1997 championship game against Pittsburgh. He had a coach whos balls drug on the ground when the game was tight. Thats what I loved and appreciated about Shanahan. Despite the mistakes he made, you always knew he was gonna coach to win.

Even against New England in '03. When we had Danny Freaking Kanell. When it was 3rd and 5 or something he went for the win. It didn't quite work out and spelled the end for Deltha O'Neil, and he was second guessed like crazy, but I can always accept going out like that. Cuz Mike Shanahan never coached not to lose.

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