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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
It was better when you were gone for a year. I was excited last year like so many with Tebow winning (despite the fact it was ugly). We most likely got as far as we could with Tebow. Manning isn't a $90 million waste. That contract is for more than one season numbnuts. If you are going to start posting again after leaving us for a year, get facts correct. Tebow would not have got us a 1st round bye....period. No guarantee he would have 1) got us to the playoffs (but a good chance with our division) and 2) would have won the first playoff game. Let it rest troll. If this is a duplicate of 1996, you will have wished you never posted this **** before. BTW, how was the Gang Green website this season for you?
I like manning, I rooted hard for us this year. I'm questioning his clutchness, and when you factor in the money I am not wrong to be questioning. Check all my posts..l I think we are going to be in the sb conversation for the next few years.

I love manning.

But 90 million for an overtime int is not a great return. I hope he takes us all the way.
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