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You also hate one of the GOAT Denver QBs too it seems

Douche thread by a short sighted nimwit OP

Lock this piece of crap up already
I stand by my sentiments. Manning has audibled into running plays in 3rd and manageable situations ALL SEASON LONG. Have they ever worked? NO. NO. NO!

And last night... he pissed away several possessions with conservative running plays.


3rd quarter about 10:30 left. 3rd and 5 from DEN 47. Hester up the middle for 2 yards. HESTER! Your slow fullback. Not a shifty halfback, but Jacob Freaking Hester! Right near midfield when Denver was almost in a position to start threatening. A stupid ****ing play at at important part of a game, right after the Flacco fumble. Did Manning audible into that stupid play? If he did, then Manning is fully to blame for pissing away a possession, following a turnover right at midfield.

Oh, and the last series, when Denver needed one more 1st down, to win the game. 3 fricken running plays right in a row, all unimaginative blasts up the middle. ****ing stupid. Manning claims that he is the one who called the audibles. If so, then he needs to RETIRE!

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