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Originally Posted by Schism View Post
We played awful, sloppy football today and the refs absolutely hosed us on several key plays. It would have been hard for us to play much worse than we did today. The coaches called a terrible game, and none of our key players played well.

In spite of that, the Ravens needed two overtime periods and arguably the single worst play in Bronco history by Rahim Moore to get a win today.

If we'd somehow sneaked a win today I'd be feeling confident about next week. No way this team would have stepped on their ***** that badly two weeks in a row.

That's why this loss hurts so much. We're good enough to play with anyone in the league this year and had an excellent chance to win a Lombardi.

This sucks.

This is delusional, Brady is a machine as much as it pains me to say it................we would have to play perfectly to even have a chance.

You honestly think that cluster **** of a team effort had a shot at a perfect game against a top notch playoff way in hell
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