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Knowshon Moreno

Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
I never said we could never win a game with teblow,hell Ryan leaf won a couple games. Teblow is on his way out of the league so yes Teblow is a bust. Defenses like the 2000 ravens happen once in a generation. Were we suppose to waste the next ten years hoping to hit the proverbial lottery on defense. I can imagine teblow in the spread it wasn't sustainable as proven by his 1-4 finish.
90 million goes a long way... Our defense is already very good. If manning could have won in overtime we would be one win away. Now I know it is a lot to ask for a qb to win an overtime playoff game against a high ranking defense.

I mean you would need a qb that doesn't crack under pressure, that steps up when you need him most.

That is rare, and never ever happened here. Ever never ever nev.
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