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Originally Posted by OABB View Post
You also said he wouldn't win a game last year. You called him a bust on draft day.

Your opinion is butthurtblind.

You can win a Super Bowl with anyone. It's a team game. You think Tebow with the 2000 ravens wouldn't have made it as far as differ?

Jesus dude, I love manning. But 20 million times 4 for 3 years of play?

This isn't madden. Imagine two dominant dts with del rio, and a dominant center and guard with Tebow in the spread.

That's how you spend 90 million.
I never said we could never win a game with teblow,hell Ryan leaf won a couple games. Teblow is on his way out of the league so yes Teblow is a bust. Defenses like the 2000 ravens happen once in a generation. Were we suppose to waste the next ten years hoping to hit the proverbial lottery on defense. I can imagine teblow in the spread it wasn't sustainable as proven by his 1-4 finish.
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