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Originally Posted by LetsGoBroncos View Post
Easy to say now that Rahim Moore blew it and we lost. I still think it was the right decision. If you throw there and it is incomplete Baltimore has the ball with 2 minutes left and that is a completely different situation than having it with 1 minute. I'll take the other team having the ball on their own 20 with a minute left and no timeouts having to score a TD just to tie any day....especially with Von and Doom pass rushing. You just don't count on your starting safety making a mistake like that.
Well, we did just that and lost.

Of course you don't count on your safety making a mistake, which is why you handle your own business instead of putting yourself in that situation to begin with.

Looking back, it would probably be better if they had the extra time (assuming of course our 20 million dollar QB doesn't get the first down) because then they would probably have been more traditional in their 2 minute drill to just move the ball rather than playing beat the clock.

What we did, was say, 'we're not going to beat you, we're going to stop you from beating us.' Terrible way to play the game.
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