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I was thinking about starting a perspective thread, but I will just add to this one.

I think the team overachieved this year. Sure, 1 seed and HF advantage were nice and created a lot of expectations, but very few of us expected those things in week 1.

I think they are ahead of schedule. Another draft, another offseason and development of chemistry among key players should help immensely.

The team needs to be able to run the rock at will - that's a draft priority.

Add to that more help to the DL, LB Corps, and OL should shore up the trenches.

I'm like all of you guys - hating on the conservative play calling. It's a calculated risk that people who get paid to make, make. I'm not on an NFL team or a coaching staff, so it's easy for me to sit here at my kitchen table and second guess these guys - fact is, I don't really 'lose' if I'm wrong. The teams do.

Next year is the year.
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