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You guys are unbelievable. Manning didn't play great but he wasn't bad either. We had almost no running game, the secondary (Champ) sucked. There was no pass rush, the refs gave the Ravens 10-14 points and after all that all we had to do was knock down a hail mary when we knew it was coming and we would have won.

Stop overreacting. This sucks, I couldn't sleep all week and I def didn't sleep last night. These opportunities come about once every 15-20 years and we blew it. We could go 16-0 next year and we probably will have a tougher road then we had this year. But to automatically blame Manning is ridiculous. If the refs do their job (PI on the pick 6) he played 5 quarters without an interception and we scored 35 points. I think he is about reason #6 to blame for the loss.
Fair enough reply. But someone has to take the fall. If Manning was the one really behind the playcalling (he did claim that he was the one that audibled into the run play on 3rd and 7), then he needs to hang it up.

However, if Fox 'n McCoy were the ones behind the playcalling in those crucial situations, and Manning really wanted to be more aggressive, then Fox and McCoy both need to be out. Someone's gotta take the fall.
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