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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
In the end what killed us was the Ravens exposed a weakness. Champ not having the elite speed to play "Island CB" and a young safety who doesn't know how to play the deep ball to protect Champ on those plays. I give some credit to the Ravens players, they had to make those plays but what should have been routine defensive safety play was more like Division 2A safety play. If you're gonna put a CB out on an island, you have to have a savy safety who KNOWS that you can't let the WR get deeper then you. It wasn't just the the last drive to send it into OT. A few times Champ got beat long and there was no safety that had his back.

The killer is that we played solid run defense. I said it 2 days ago, the only way we lose is if we give up big plays. I don't think Flacco and the Ravens would have been able to have long sustained drives for TD's. All we had to do was take away the big play and we failed several times doing that.

In the playoffs, you can barely afford to have a few mistakes. Broncos were full of mistakes today.
And that is what kills me about this game.. Balt was known for big plays, going into this game Balt led the league in downfield plays, taking shots downfield.. Getting pass interference calls.

What was the coaching staff thinking, or doing the last two weeks.
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