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Rod Smith

I'd wholeheartedly agree with this if we hadn't just played our worst game of the season on the biggest stage. There were just too many mistakes/mental errors/uncharacteristic performances for anyone to "see this coming", because the true fact is our last 11 opponents regardless of who they were, never even came close to us on the scoreboard.

Now I'm not saying we're anywhere near a perfect team but I'm certainly not buying into this pathetic attempt to claim that we we're not worth that 13-3 record and the 1 seed in the AFC.

Sure the Falcons, Patriots and Texans beat us early in the season when Manning was just getting adjusted to his new team but that was as much a learning curve as anything else.

Fox, McCoy, Del Rio, Champ, Manning, Dumervil, Kuper. Moore etc etc all dropped the ball here and they can all coach/play a lot better than they did yesterday and they've proven it.

It certainly wasn't the first time a high seed wasn't prepared coming off a bye and it wont be the last and regardless of how poorly each unit bar Holliday played they still should've won the game bar that outrageous/never to happen ever again play from Moore.
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