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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
We all got caught up in the media hype. I don't think this is "OMG Peyton Manning sucks in the playoffs!" at all... yes, he certainly choked last night (among others), but when push comes to shove, the Denver Broncos weren't nearly as good as we though after months of buying into the Peyton Manning inspired media hype.

Broncos 21 Falcons 27

Texans 31 Broncos 25

Broncos 21 Patriots 31

Broncos 31 Bengals 23

Broncos 34 Ravens 17

Broncos 35 Ravens 38

^ those are the ONLY teams we played with winning records... 2-4 against "good" teams, and Baltimore was extremely beat up by injuries at the time of the first match-up.

For several of those other games (Atl, Houston and NE), the game wasn't NEARLY as close as the final score indicates.

Bottom line: The best team we beat was the Cincinnati ****ing Bengals.

Time to address serious deficiencies in the roster and hope our aging "studs" can squeeze another season of competitive play out of their sagging bodies.
I agree with this.

Thing is though, if you had posted this a week ago, you would've gotten a ton of **** for it. You wouldn't be a real fan if you brought this up.
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