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Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
Say what you want... it's all about the hardware and playoff glory. While the season was awesome... I got nothing close to feeling this this season. Sorry.

And it's not about a Tebow thing... it's about a playoff win thing. We can have the best regular season QB, but if he keeps choking most off the times he get to the playoffs then it's all for nothing.
What do you think Elway told Manning when he was wooing him in March. We got the defense to put the game away. Your job is to get us the lead at home in the playoffs with a minute to go and out defense with it's pass rush will close the deal

This has been Elway's plan since training camp. I'd hardly say Peyton was reason #1-4 why the team lost this game

Every game in the playoffs is not going to be a blowout . Not like the 45-7 beatdown last year in Foxboro

Last year was an Justin Beber concert. This year should have been classic Stones except for one idotic player who decided to put himself over team and not do his job
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