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Originally Posted by eddie mac View Post
Did the Broncos even consider firing Shanahan in 96

Stupidest ****ing thread ever and you're an embarrasment.
See, this is why I feel this loss is worse than '96.

That '96 team had no business losing that game. They had HOF players all over the field, and that loss was truly out of the blue.

Fast forward to this year. Concerns about Fox being too conservative, Manning being able to win in the playoffs, being able to win in the cold....all legit questions and concerns that answered themselves. Add on top of that now, is what to do with Champ.

The '96 team didn't have those concerns. That loss should never have happened, and it was proven the next two years that the loss was a fluke.

Last night's loss exposed the concerns and added more questions. This team is not the same as '96. The comparison ends at both teams being 13-3 and losing in the divisional round.
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