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Von Miller

Originally Posted by rmsanger View Post
There were alot of problems all over the field from coaching, penalties, pass rush, P_M's costly int....

But the 1 glaring issue is Champ getting rolled, burned, and smoked like a joint all afternoon. He was completely raped on 2 TDs and should have been for a 3rd. He caused a critical PI flag and showed up very little behind.

We all hold this man as one of the best broncos and a future HOFer... However when it came down to crunch time in this man's career he packed it in and fell asleep. I think this says alot about the quality of an athlete and competitor that he is.

Simply he is the Anti-Ray Lewis. Ray is a leader, vocal, and plays with hear and intensity even at an age of diminishing skills and ability. Champ played as a tortoise in a shell that was to scared to come out in the snow. In possibly one of the most important games in his career he played like a Chump.
The PI call was total BS. It had to be catchable to be was long and out of bounds...
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