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(In order of blame)

1.) Coaching. Plain and simple, coaching. How many bull **** conservative run the ball on 2nd and 1, run the ball on 3rd and 1 calls did we get, even before the 3rd and 7 call. And we did this with a scat back (Hillman) and a scrub back Hester. I understand not being able to get the ball deep down the field, but at times we were killing them on shallow crossing routes, and we just completely abandoned that. Didn't force Ray Lewis to cover a RB in space much. JDR doesn't escape blame either. Flacco has a terrible habit of pulling deep out of the pocket when exposed to pressure up the middle? A gap pressure? Nope, he could make a ****ing sandwich most of the time. The field goal attempt was a strangely un Fox like call and yet it still sucked.
Those 2nd and one calls were killing me. I was calling McCoy an idiot after those and my youngest son informed me that wasn't polite.

Dink and dunk drives stall because it only takes one mistake to end them. 2nd and short is your ”free” chance to finish a drive or at least take bigger chunks. Just like you usually double down on 11 you take some shots on 2nd and short. You can't treat PFM like Kyle Orton and expect to win playoff games. Plus it did nothing to help his rhythm.

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