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Originally Posted by eddie mac View Post
One bad game does not make a bad season regardless of whether it's a playoff loss to an inferior team or not.

Manning, Bailey, Dumervil, Miller etc played lights out for the majority of the regular season and although I was very angry during the game (and still am) I'm not blaming individuals for this loss, players can have bad games, good coaches can get outcoached/out thought and individuals can make very costly errors.

The mirror images between this loss and the one to the Jags in 96 are unreal (13-4) season, beaten by a team not expected to go close and turning up for a game after a bye week looking completely unprepared and undisciplined.

All this fire Fox crap, move Bailey to safety crap, Tebow is better than Manning crap is just what it is, an over-reaction to a game we lost to a team we were expected to hammer.

I know everyone is hurting right now just like I am, so pick your chin up, dont forget about the season (just the game) and dont lose faith in your team because if anyone knows John Elway he'll make damn sure that this team has all the tools to bounce back like they did in 1997.

I love this franchise.
I love this team too. I fly out to Denver once a year at least for a game, I watch every single game each week. But I disagree with you. The point of the regular season is to get into the playoffs and hopefully have home field. Once the playoffs start the regular season is completely meaningless. We could go 16-0 next year and we would be playing the same exact game we played yesterday. Season was a disappointment.
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