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I thought the receivers and tight-ends where outstanding. How in the world did they "stink up the joint"? They made some amazing catches.

Manning had a terrible day. The guy can't play in the cold. He just can't do it. The Tebowesque pass in Thomas's general direction towards the end of the first half was a huge play. The receivers bailed him out over and over again on outs (Stokely's catch in overtime springs to mind). He was bad. Flacco was, by far, the better QB today...even if it was nothing more than sending balls deep and hoping for the best.

Secondary was terrible. Moore needs to never play another down. This draft is about safety. Draft 5 of them. Moore was responsible for two touchdowns today.

Offensive line was bad.

But most glaring:

The Broncos got the second best defensive player of the 2011 draft, and it's not even close. Von Miller can't hold JJ Watt's jockstrap and that was evident today. Untimely penalties and a complete inability to even get near the QB.
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