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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by ChrisToker View Post
This will sound weird but if holliday gets tackled both times and we get a few first downs at worst that would have put us around 80 plus plays in mid 4th qtr. Would the ravens. D been more tanked than they already were? I'm just throwing a different view hypothetical of course that's why he was a great pick up for us. But between his scores and the officials phuking us on key drives, I assume we would have had crazy time of possession
They were already tanked and ready to tap out. Halfway through the 4th quarter, CBS panned around the Raven's side-line and they all looked like they wanted to hop on the warm bus back to the airport. Then John Fox **** the bed. Then Rahim Moore **** the bed. Then Peyton Manning **** the bed. Bottom line is the Ravens were ready to be put out to pasture and Denver didn't have the heart, desire, balls whatever you want to call it do finish them. Instead, they played not to lose as the old cliche goes. Except for Rahim Moore, who thought he'd try to be Deion Sanders instead of staying in front of the defender.

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