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Bradley Roby

(In order of blame)

1.) Coaching. Plain and simple, coaching. How many bull **** conservative run the ball on 2nd and 1, run the ball on 3rd and 1 calls did we get, even before the 3rd and 7 call. And we did this with a scat back (Hillman) and a scrub back Hester. I understand not being able to get the ball deep down the field, but at times we were killing them on shallow crossing routes, and we just completely abandoned that. Didn't force Ray Lewis to cover a RB in space much. JDR doesn't escape blame either. Flacco has a terrible habit of pulling deep out of the pocket when exposed to pressure up the middle? A gap pressure? Nope, he could make a ****ing sandwich most of the time. The field goal attempt was a strangely un Fox like call and yet it still sucked.

2.) Rahim Moore. We win the game if he makes that stop in any fashion, period. Even if he gives up the big play if he stays in front of the defender he makes the tackle at the 18, they still have to run all the way down the field with no timeouts and set and spike the ball. Instead he takes the worst angle I've ever seen a defensive player take. Trade him for a 6th rounder, cheeseburger, whatever, he's done here.

3.) Officiating. Not going to go over the litany of terrible calls again, but I would also add the time they took to make a call. You threw the god damn flag, make a call. These all-star officiating crews need to go bye bye. Also a ton of late flags, and inconsistent ticky tack ****. Probably the most poorly officiated playoff game since the Seahawks got ****ed in the SB.

4.) Champ- This was your last best chance buddy and you shat the bed.

5.) Doom/Von- Von didn't play poorly, but this should have been the game where he asserted himself as the young dominant Lion in the AFC. Instead he was "meh." Seriously doubt JJ. Watt is going to have a meh game tomorrow.

6.) Peyton. He had some bad audibles into runs. He didn't drive the ball effectively. His placement was off and he ultimately provided the dagger in OT.

7.) Decker and DT. Holding or not, Decker should have snagged the ball on that pick six. DT sans the touchdown was a ghost.

8.) Interior offensive line. Mount Cody and Ngata largely blew **** up today. Tough game to be a lineman because of the officating, but still.

9.) Prater. Perfect snap, perfect hold, at least make contact with the ball.
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