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Originally Posted by anon View Post
I suspect Moreno was a big part of the game plan and when he got hurt, some of our options were limited.
I think you're dead-on, anon. This stat jumped out at me from Burger Bill's column on ESPN:

* In the first half, Manning was not pressured at all on 22 pass dropbacks.

* In the second half, Manning was pressured on 10 of 24, including all 3 times he was sacked.

The difference? Knowshon Moreno's last play was early in the 3rd quarter, on a 5-yard run (12:32). According to the box score Moreno didn't have a good day running the ball (10 for 32 yards), but it looks to me like he earned his keep in pass protection. After Moreno left, Hillman, Hester & Ball just weren't up to the task as Manning's bodyguards. The Ravens sacked Manning for the first time just three plays after Knowshon left the game, and it was all downhill from there.
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