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The sad thing was, he was in position. He had very bad timing on challenging the pass and it was a poor decision to even go for the attempted bat down or pick. All he has do do is forget about the any INT or bat, stay on the ground and when the ball is at WR hands, just rake the arms and shove him OB. Worst case scenario, the WR makes the catch and they still have to go some 20/30 yards for a TD with seconds on the clock because a FG does them no good. That was such a retard mistake it was unreal. I mean, you're supposed to be an NFL grade safety and you look like a 2nd string high school safety on that play.
He was actually in horrible position. He looked at the inside route even though he lad the LBer converging on the zone. He also played way to shallow. Not sure what you were watching..?

And nice job calling me out for saying this game scared me. Looks like they played hard for Ray Lewis after all huh ass? Cha feel?
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