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9) We were a #1 seed but didn't have the swagger and killer instinct of a #1 seed.
Problem was we had that killer instinct...till 3rd down. Then quit and just assumed that Flacco would choke and never realized he was actually throwing to his receivers, not our DB's. Defense lost this game. Manning just made it worse. If we don't draft a DB with our first pick were doomed again. We had over performers in Harris, Lenarod, Carter, and Moore and they got exposed. Thank god by the ravens and not the Pats. I love Bailey, but he needs help for gods sake. Im not worried about Manning for 3 more years, better than we've had in the past decade. Pass rush is only good with decent coverage. Oh, and the refs had to have been threatened by Ray Ray and his murdering skills. I was upset but not infuriated till the Bailey PI. at was the moat BS call I've seen all season. More than the GB SEA game ender by the replacement refs. We lost, but at least wr have a promising front office. I think its 96 all over again. Including 97 and 98. We'll bounce back. I hurting bad now tho, but thank you Amendment 64
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