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The refs were pretty crap today but it's hard to pin the loss on them with the number of big plays we gave up:

1) HUGE poor defensive plays on multiple long bombs for TDs

2) Continuing to run it into the middle of the line late in the game when Hillman was getting outside for solid gains and Baltimore's D looked gassed chasing sideline to sideline.

3) Calling plays out of the "let's try not to lose it" playbook.

4) Poorly executed prevent D at the end of the game.

5) Non-existent pass rush from our "threats" Doom and Von

6) Manning not being able to throw more than 15 yards

7) Manning trying to imitate Elway at the end of the game, but looking like Cutler.

8) Notice that the Harbaugh brothers won today. Those guys are irritating personalities perhaps, but you have to give them credit for being coaches with balls that will make the tough, controversial decisions and stand by them.

9) We were a #1 seed but didn't have the swagger and killer instinct of a #1 seed.
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