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Unfortunately John Fox will never learn from his mistakes. You can't change ideologies. A person who believes low taxes is best for the economy will always believe low taxes is best for the economy. A person who believes more guns means a safer society will always believe more guns means a safer society. A person who is pro choice will always be pro choice.

The sooner John Elway realizes this, the better. Cut John Fox, reload with a more competent coach, and make another run. Next year.
Agreed. A person who believes that confiscating guns from law abiding citizens is a good thing (all the while ignoring clowns like Michael Moore who have their own fully-armed security guards) will always think that confiscating guns from law abiding citizens is the right thing to do.

And a clown who thinks that government is the solution to all of our problems will always support any program that grows the government and encourages Federal authorities to tell us what kind of light bulbs to buy, how efficient our furnaces need to be, and how many gallons of water our toilets can flush.

And a person who thinks that abortion is not about "choice" but about a medical procedure called an abortion will always believe that choice has nothing to do with a medical procedure that has become as commonplace as a haircut.

So, yeah: I get what you're saying!

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