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Originally Posted by Bob's your Information Minister View Post
You know what sucks? Getting Peyton Manning and not winning a thing.

I'll take the Chiefs being 2-14, leading to a franchise rebirth and a talented young QB over doing nothing with Peyton Manning for two years and then rolling the dice on Brock Osweiler.
Well to be fair if Peyton plays a few more years, your golden franchise QB #1 pick and Reid won't do **** while Peyton's still here. That being said this Broncos team will not sniff a superbowl with a douche like Fox coaching. How many rushing plays do you need to run on 2nd/3rd down to kill a drive do you have to do before something clicks in your head and tells you "you know I just got a 100m dollar HOF QB maybe I should use him to pickup some of these first downs?" It's apparent that to fckhead Fox that his mind will never grasp that concept.
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