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Default Pay-ton Manning: He is who I thought he was.

I love the guy. I was a huge fan of his while he played for Indy, and everyone on this board loved to point out how he is simply Average(or below in the playoffs. The interception in the Super Bowl when he could've tied the game. The interception at the end of this game. These are just 2 of soooo many instances in which he's let down his team.

Yeah, there are a million other reasons that we lost this game. My point is that not only are punts in OT not acceptable, but INTs are even more unacceptable. He's so much like Brett Favra in clutch situations, and always will be. I'll always love watching him play for us. He is the Best Regular Season QB ever. I was not a bit surprised by today's game, enjoyed the hell out of this season and it unfortunately ended much like I thought it would. Without a ring. For all of those with reading comprehension problem, I did not just blame our loss on PM, but he sure didn't go out and take the game for us.

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