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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
It is an empty feeling.....but if you,let a team hang around and have stupid blunders over and over this has a tendency to happen. Perhaps like the late 90s team this team needs a "final lesson" before achieving greatness. They threw away a lot today. They were the best team in the league just,like the 96 team was, but you have to bring it when it counts.

It will take awhile to recover from this.
I highly doubt it. Not with a dumb**** like Fox as coach. Shanahan actually took chances to WIN games. Fox's stupid conservative bull**** when you have a $100m future HOF QB hand off to a rookie to ice the game is not the exception but the norm for him. He cannot change his ways and he will do the same **** over and over. I have no faith in a superbowl with that douche as the Broncos coach.
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