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Bmore Manning

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Hopefully those of you who are saying where is the deep ball.. Will Rewatch the game and see that the Ravens played Cover 2 with safeties high.

They had many players healthier and returning who weren't there in week 15.

All in all they were hungrier and played with emotion.

The defense should take majority of the blame for the loss. I am still not sure why so many of you love Moore..
Bailey looked old, Moore looked rookie young, Carter is overrated, there was no pass rush, the DLine was bullied all night.

The offense looked bad, Manning was forcing, there was no threat of a running game, they made us play dink and dunk, Decker is more concerned talking to Harbaugh than making plays, there's just not an electric option in the passing game. The Oline was consistently bullied.

John Fox showed his lousy conservative play calling, if he punts instead of that pathetic Prater attempt, we are up bigger going into halftime. Carter's pass interference extended another touchdown drive..

Where's the discipline? Penalties were devestating..

I have looked at the personnel all season and thought the team over achieved.

Bad calls don't help either...

All in all this looked like the team from the first few weeks of the year, still learning and gelling.. Surely not the most complete team Manning has ever been apart of as many thought..
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