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Originally Posted by Hulamau View Post
Thats it in a nutshell,

I loath Foxy's tendency to go much too Conservative at the worst possible time as he did tonight which assured defeat snatched from the Jaws of victory, but we got outplayed in the secondary, were definitely out coached with several poor decisions by Foxy and got jobbed for sure on several terrible ref calls including the 7 point 'gimme' non-call with the Interference mugging of Decker that was ignored and that led to the ref called pick 6 standing.

The weather wasnt our friend today either, but wasn't the main factor either, the offense really lost its rhythm for most of the second half after Knowshon went down but the time Hillman got in a groove and helped set up what SHOULD have been the winning TD by DT, it all was thrown out the window when, after getting the ball back after a great defensive stand, Fox then calls three 'Dive' runs right up the middle which werent even trying to get more than 2 to 3 yards max per carry and did so again on 3rd and 7 when Manning had been in a groove the last two drives!

Unbelievable really and this one will really sting for a while but maybe it will also serve as the motivation to kick ass, after a few more critical position improvements in the offseason for the same kind of successful season we had the next two years after the similar Jacksonville upset in the divisional game in 1996 season!?

Time will tell. Of course, firing Fox isn't the answer, but John Elway making sure Fox fully acknowledges and owns his critical mistakes at the end of the game and will no longer make such consistently anal calls at the end of games is very much called for!

Better luck next year!
Yeah, I can hear the Fox after-game press conference. Well, we made a few bad plays and will watch the film and make the necessary adjustments...

It's 8:46 CST and I'm still sad.
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