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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Teblow isn't going to be in the NFL next season he SUCKS THAT ****ING BAD
You are probably right about that... but look at it this way. His only year starting with a real young roster, he goes into a playoff game as a huge underdog and get a win. PM dominates the season and goes into the playoffs with what most thought was the best team in the league, he goes into the game as a huge favorite and just choked (with huge help from the defense). Think about that. Tebow 1-1 in the playoffs with the Broncos. PM 0-1.

Are we a better team with PM? Heck to the yeah!!! There is no denying that. The season was awesome, but there is just something about him that changes in the playoffs. It's not hate. Just look at his playoff history. Last year was a surprise, the playoff loss to the Pats didn't feel so bad. This,... I just heart broken.
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