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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
Tim Tebow is the only QB who's won John Fox a playoff game since 2005. Maybe he doesn't know everything about QBs.

Same with Elway, McCoy, Rex Ryan, and the rest of the NFL. Bunch of JAGs who got passes to the good ol' boys football club if you ask me. If it wasn't for the NFL the lot of them would be lucky to teach high school PE, so why would we treat their opinion as some kind of infallible decree?

All I know is the results on the field. When Fox and McCoy pulled their chicken **** "lets back into the W" antics with Tebow he still found ways to win games. They try that with Peyton Manning and we get embarrassed from half time on. If it wasn't for Holliday this came wouldn't have even been competitive.

So maybe Tim Tebow not being in the league next year, should that happen, says more about the inability of NFL personnel men and coaches to assess what it actually takes to succeed than it does about Tebow's ability to play QB.
They did what they could with at best a CFL QB and Kyle Orton for one season.
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