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D.J. Williams

Miami has been informed that the NOA is coming within 72 hours for football and men's a nd women's basketball. I'm hoping to avoid the LOIC charge in light of the level of our cooperation. If they do get LOIC they will fight it hard before the COI. The most hotly contested issues at that point will be the applicability of the exception to the 4 year statute of limitations (the violations occurring in the last four years are relatively light) and the issue of corroboration. The enforcement division believes silence equals admission of guilt. There are some regulations which appear to require more so it is unclear if the COI will agree with the enforcement division. There is corroboration for some things but not others.
There is also a gambling aspect to this which has not gotten much pub.

I know Donna is pulling out all the stops politically...we will see how successful she is. We have made numerous in publicized internal changes at the behest of the NCAA and cooperated fully and taken the unprecedented step of self imposing 2 bowl games plus 1 ACC championship game...that's 3 postseason games voluntarily given up.

It better count for something.
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