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Can we just clear up one thing?

The Patriots are not going to simply let Wes Welker walk. End of story.

As far as the guy from the Rams...if they hadn't had a glimmer of life this season I would say maybe but i'm guessing he gets re-signed very quickly.

One more thing: If finding a great slot receiver were as easy as finding "someone quick" to throw in there, Caldwell would have had an amazing year.

Here's another thing, the core of this team is young and will be together for a while. Provided we re sign Clady (I don't understand how we wouldn't), there's no one leaving that will really be missed. And heck, if DJ Williams wants to stick around and prove himself, more power to him. Great depth.

So we'll lose a bit of depth but we'll gain it back with more smart FAs, and we get to draft (probably at 32 but whatever), and we'll have an even stronger team next year!

Guys: THIS is exciting.
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