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Peyton Hillis

Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Kruger is the real deal. He is not at the class of Von miller, but he is close to being as solid as Dumervil as a pass rusher and he plays the run much better.

However, he is not as good as a healthy Suggs so DEN will get some pressure, but Peyton is damn good at getting the ball out on time so i have very few worries there.
I agree that Kruger is the real deal, and Suggs is slightly diminished right now. What I do find interesting however, is why none of us is mentioning Ngata any more. Over the past couple years, he might have been the greatest force on their line, which leads to many of the big plays on the edge for Suggs.

Did we just do a good job on Ngata last game? Is he injured? Or, is he just declining? When the Ravens defense was at its best the past few years, I was always using Ngata's performance as my barometer. Not so much any more.
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