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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Since most voters are on the east coast (east of Mississippi) or on the west coast. But mainly on the east coast it's self.

If we played in the Afc EAST like Dallas does in the NFC they would see our team a hell of a lot more.

But we play primarily late games unless we happen to play east of the Mississippi. The EC voters are not interested in watching late game they watch their games the ones they are paid to report and tune out therefore they rarely see our team or our players. They see some hi lights of great plays. Amd frankly folks other than Von and Champ maybe Doom which Broncos over the past decade are or have been worth watching.

As for TD he was a shooting star not around long enough to make a difference. Had he hung them up after his great years and not tried to come back he would have had a better chance now he is known for a couple of hang on years.

The rest of the broncos worthy most of today's voters never saw them. Period.

They sad facts are unless you are super stud like Von playing in Denver is a curse. When it comes to HOF.

Your scenario sounds more like baseball playing at 10PM East Coast. Late games is 4PM East Coast so I think with one game a week, they tend to watch the Left Coast games. THere could be bias feelings but for some of these players, writers will have to go on stats like Gradishar.
You are totally wrong with TD. He needed those other years just to make it a total of 5. He wasn't a has been but was trying to play injured or never fully healed. It is recent history and the voters know his situation. If Gale Sayers is in the HOF, there should be a spot for TD.
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