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Originally Posted by Obushma View Post
LMAO you sure are slow Blart IVAW has more libertarian support then liberal.
That's a very interesting piece of information. Might I ask for your source?

A.N.S.W.E.R. has no love from the democrat party, its politicaly independent as it's VERY anti-Isreal lobby. You'll find everything from anarchists to marxists at a A.N.S.W.E.R. rally.
Pssst... they have anarchists and marxists because they're a leftist organization.

Softballs blart...softballs That March 19th protest at the White House, was led by Daniel Ellsberg. Last time I checked, Daniel Ellsberg was anti-authoritarian, anti-Obama, definetly doesnt support the liberals in Washington.
Therefore, he must be a right-wing libertarian.

(back here in reality, Daniel Ellsberg encouraged people to vote for Obama.)

Again, Chicago 2012, IVAW protest....what does this have anything to do with liberals or democrats, not a damn thing. More active duty voted for Ron Paul in 2008, he got double the votes Obama did, you have more libertarians in that crowd then you do liberals, prove it otherwise.
I took a couple minutes to read IVAW's mission statement, and am now very interested to see your source citing them as a (mostly) libertarian organization, because:

IVAW supports reparations for Iraq. (to put that in libertarian terms, the fruits of your labor will be taken away by MEN WITH GUNS and given to the moochers)

And they officially resolved to support rights for undocumented immigrants in our own country. (to put that in libertarian terms, AAAH! MEXICANS!!!)

If they're really a bunch of Paulbots, I can only assume there are a few (ok, many) wires crossed, because:

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