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Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post
You have no background, experience, qualifications or even the basic scientific knowledge of a schoolboy. So you 'critiquing' the NIST report is beyond funny.
At one time, gaffe claimed that his bull**** was supported by NIST.

How can this be, you ask?

Well, he called someone at NIST and they verified some pissant numerical value that gaffe had already read from a NIST report.

gaffe then used that to claim that NIST agreed with him.

I called him out numerous times on his lie, but gaffe being gaffe, he didn't have the balls to admit he was a lying fraud **********.

gaffe is one of the most immoral, contemptible, POSes I've ever run across on the Intertubes - and that's 20+ years' worth.
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