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Originally Posted by Popps View Post
Wow. Lot of venom over a kid who did nothing but provide us one of the most exciting seasons in Broncos history. (Albeit very unconventional.)

I wish him well. Maybe I'm just not plugged in enough anymore to know why I should hate him.
since you admittedly haven't been on here as you use to, I think I can sum the argument and alleged hatred in one link.....

This was a thread you started basically giving food for thought as to why another cult hero of a player that was adored by many on here wasn't getting any playing time. (sound familiar?)

Everyone was perplexed why, after what he showed on the field in limited action late the previous season,he wasn't getting any playing time. (sound familiar?)

You didn't "hate" him...but your post was considered hateful by many who debated you and others in it. (sound familiar?) Despite stating numerous times that you weren't a hater, you came under fire for pointing out what their hero worshiping eyes refused to see......the bottom line was that he really wasn't the great player he seemed to be. (sound familiar?)
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