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i love Elway to death. but Randy should have been the first one in.
it's a damn crime that he's still not in(and i hate OSU with a passion, but that dude was a bad,bad man.)
I agree, but it is Gradishar's fault he isn't in. In 1983 he was in his 10th year. He went to the Probowl that year then he retired at the top of his game. If he would have played 3 more years and been apart of the 86 SB team then he would have been in the HOF by now. In fact if he wouldn't have retired I think Denver would have won at least one of the two OT games they played against the Raiders in 1985 and Denver would have won the AFC West and would have hosted the Patriots and probably beaten them. Of course they would have had to play the Bears in the SB, but hey you never know.
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