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Originally Posted by B-Large View Post
I watch it at the gym everyday because it is what is one. Hardball is bad, the Sharpton show is egregiously a shill for the Left, and there is another show right before those two that is just insufferable. MSNBC is the Media Conglomerate for the Far Left of Democratic Party... Its worse than Fox News, but then again that is kind of comparing the smell of Puke to Diahrrea to see which smells worse. The only things that tops these two is Salon Magazine.. yikes

I have never see Rachael Maddow's show, I have seen her on other programs like Meet the Press, she's a bright lady. But overall, from what I have seen MSNBC is not good.

BTW, I am a registred Democrat, former Registred Republican. Make of that what you will I guess....
I'll agree Sharpton's ****, I don't mind Hardball so much (Chris Matthews gets on my nerves at times, but he's not dumb), but worse than FOX news? Now, while i don't watch ALL of FOX news's shows, ive seen enough to know that sometimes they live in a different world. This is the network that brought you "Terrorist Fist Bump." Obviously, MSNBC's evening programing caters to the left, no doubt, i wouldnt turn on MSNBC for unbiased programming, but at least Rachel is smart and measured on her show.

And, as I said, MSNBC airs a conservative 3 hours every single morning.
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