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I'm guess is you never watch MSNBC, which, by the way, still employs a conservative to do their morning show.

You don't like it because they don't agree with your thoughts. GOD FORBID! Doesn't mean its "garbage." I'm a regular watcher of shows like Rachel Maddow and while she's obviously a liberal and fights the liberal cause, she's hardly some shill for the democratic party. She's constantly taking the president and democrats to task, and did so last night for the first 40 minutes of her show on the subject of drone use and John Brennan as thehead of the CIA. And she also discussed the infighting between pro-gun groups and the reason they are having trouble getting organized. It was thoughtful, intelligent, and forces you to look at the current gun violence conversation from a different angle (by the way, she took plenty of democrats to task on this issue too).

I dont know why i bothered writing all that, youll just call me a liberal ahole, bring up one moment where she might have gotten too passionate, or whatever, but just because she doesnt AGREE with you, doesn't mean she's an idiot or that its garbage.
I watch it at the gym everyday because it is what is one. Hardball is bad, the Sharpton show is egregiously a shill for the Left, and there is another show right before those two that is just insufferable. MSNBC is the Media Conglomerate for the Far Left of Democratic Party... Its worse than Fox News, but then again that is kind of comparing the smell of Puke to Diahrrea to see which smells worse. The only things that tops these two is Salon Magazine.. yikes

I have never see Rachael Maddow's show, I have seen her on other programs like Meet the Press, she's a bright lady. But overall, from what I have seen MSNBC is not good.

BTW, I am a registred Democrat, former Registred Republican. Make of that what you will I guess....
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