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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
I'm not trying to do anything other than pointing out the government (Executive Branch) is giving themselves raises and cutting the people's pay. The sheeple are asleep and bamboozled by the idea "It's only a small percent to them. It's only a 2% cut to the people". "We are just living the freeze". "That was only temporary relief". Call it what you want.


As far as the color of the president. Could give a rats ass. I've met him. He punts his pants on like I do. His are just dry cleaned by our tax dollars.

The sheeple have a rude awakening coming sadly enough when the cuts really come their way. But hey the federal employees are taken care of. You mentioned the word recession. That word isn't even understood in DC. Have some friends who lived out there and it was business as usual the last 4 years. They all got their government cheese during the recession. Now they get the bump.
In reality, nobody is really getting more. The minimal increase in wages for federal employees (700$ per year, based on the half percent increase) is pretty much washed out with payroll taxes going back to their normal levels because in all likelihood, that amount will easily be withheld from their checks in a 12 month span.

I could give two ****s less that Obama ended the pay freeze. There are a lot of people who work long hours and do a good job, yet didn't get a raise in over two years. As far as I know, most people in the private sector get reviewed for raises at the end of each year. When I was in the private sector after school, I received a raise after 6 months excellent performance on the job. It is hardly the issue and logical mind should be approaching to start discussing government waste, abuse and the Big Men getting a bigger piece of the pie.

It would have been nice to have the payroll holiday extended, but it was a concession made by Democrats to Republicans who didn't want that, nor unemployment benefits (which IIRC, did get extended) to continue. I think they understand what "recession" means, but necessarily don't have a clue about how to get things done effectively. I didn't work a full 80 hours last week because of a doctors appointment, but it will be interesting to see effectively how much less I am taking home when I get my next paycheck.

Not scared of the Gubmint Boogeyman. Not that paranoid, never will be.

And FWIW, I know you don't give a hoot about Obama's skin color. T'was a joke. A little teenie tiny joke.

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