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Balt has a good team, but they need so much to go right for them to win. Probably their only chance is Denver gets a case of the yips and a bad play compounds into two or three bad plays by multiple players.

I don't see that happening. Denver has what I'd characterize as a calm and steady coaching staff in Fox, Del Rio, McCoy, Studesville, Magazu, Smith, Milus, et al. They have solid long-time vet leadership throughout all three phases with Champ, Peyton, Bruton, Brooking, Kuper, Clady, Elvis, Vickerson, Bannan, Prater, Colquitt, Koppen, Stokley.

Denver is a young team in many places, but a lot of those young guys had playoff experience last year - Harris, Miller, Decker, DThomas, Beadles, Franklin, Ayers, Woodyard.

We might see some O plays put in for guys the Ravens haven't seen much from, Virgil Green, Holliday, even Matt Willis (he does seem to get the yips, though). Denver has had two weeks to work on some exotic situational plays so maybe we'll see some if the situation arises.
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