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Originally Posted by Patriot 37 View Post
I give you Dever fans a pass at being so confident it's your first year with Peyton. It's the playoffs and if Peyton played as well in the post season as he did in the regular season he'd have 5 rings by now. 10 times in 19 games (more than half) he scored less than 20 points in the playoffs. You think this is the best offense he's had ? Wayne, Clark, Harrison, Glenn, Saturday, Faulk and James he's played with great offenses and played many of the games in a dome.

Look if this is a regular season game then you should be confident. Your defense is definitely better than ours and your at home, but becasue it's the playoffs and I don't think Manning will put up his normal 30 points (even against our horrible pass defense) It will be a tight game.

If this and if that...bottom line is Manning has never had a #2 ranked defense in his career...Regardless of his previous performances in the playoffs against the GAYtriots or any other team...This is the best overall team he has been a part of...stats don't lie...
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