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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
People gotta remember OC success has very little to do with HC success in the NFL. HC's are figureheads and do very little Hands on coaching anymore except gameplanning.

Chudzinski is a solid coach with real strong ties to Ohio. He has been with the Browns twice before and also remember he is the fifth candidate they wanted, its not like he was first choice.

If they want some stability in that organization, a guy like Chud is a great fit for that as he has his dream job and should be able to assemble a solid staff. They have a good defense that has a ton of potential, its their offense that needs to be consistent and if he does get Norv as his OC, and their personnel fits Norv's vertical system, they could be a lot better schematically and coaching wise this year. What remains to be seen isif they can use their drafts like SEA, INDY, and DEN did this year and get some people to immediately contribute and play well.
How much HCs have to do with hands on coaching really depends on the personality of the coach, some do a lot of direct coaching, we all remember McDouchebag doing a lot of work with the QBs especially. Other head coaches have done a fair bit of hands on work, while some like Fox do very little direct coaching. Chud has a long history as an offensive guy, he had one good year in Cleveland under Crennel, where he undoubtedly had a lot of responsibilities related to running and planning the offense, he also had one very bad year and was sacrificed. In SD he was working under Norv Turner in Turner's offense under Turner's leadership and while he surely had some influence, he was basically the same guy Mike Mccoy was under Mcdouchebag. With the Panthers he has served under Ron Rivera, so the failure and regression of the Panthers offense falls pretty much squarely on Chud.

I think being the 5th choice is very telling, not only of him, but also of the organization as a whole. I can certainly understand why coaches with options would prefer not to go to a team with a new owner, a roster that is thin on proven talent but thick on young guys whom the owner may force the coach to retain and play.

While we can't know that Chud and the Browns will fail, I think there are some indicators to suggest it will be the case. Chud is a rookie HC coming in to take over a young team with an inexperienced owner and no current GM. Unless he can very quickly grow into the role of leading from the front, and unless he can stand up to his former boss Norv Turner, the team doesn't look like it is going to progress quickly enough to ensure Chuds long term employment.
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